The Claiborne Story

We’d introduce you to
Mr. Claiborne…but we can’t for two simple reasons:

  1. There is no MISTER Claiborne. The company is named after Lucie Claiborne from King William County in Virginia; and
  2. Lucie died in 1810.

Here’s the story

Dave Duval, Principal of Claiborne Advisors, traces his lineage to Richard DuVal, Sieur de France, in 1260, and Daniel DuVal, who arrived in Virginia in 1709. Daniel was an honored Chevalier de France, a title equivalent to an English Knight.

Fast forward to 1747, when Lucie Claiborne of William County, VA marries Daniel’s son, Samuel Duval of Prince George’s County, MD. They proceed to have 10 children, and are Dave’s Great-Great-Great-Great-Great grandparents.

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Are you still with us?

Lucie becomes renowned for hard work, productiveness, thriftiness, and dedication to family and the community; values that have been passed down from parent to child ever since, and that Dave Duval incorporated into his corporate mission when he founded Claiborne Advisors in 2000.

This legacy helps explain why today Dave Duval is recognized for running one of the most ethical firms in his industry, with a lifelong commitment to those same family values that Lucie handed down. Integrity and client focus underlie everything at Claiborne.

He’s a great believer in the work/life balance of family first, followed by business, exercise, flying, and a devotion to robust craft beers….in THAT order! To honor the importance of that balance, Dave named the company after Lucie, and her memory serves as a daily prompt of the importance of doing the best for clients in every way.

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