Claiborne Advisors, Inc.’s clients benefit from the firm’s diverse and extensive transactional and industry experience, complemented by keen insights that can only come from years of experience dealing with legal and compliance issues while avoiding or neutralizing regulatory landmines.

Since 2000 we’ve been assisting clients through every stage of a transaction involving selling, buying, and advising privately-owned businesses, including:

  • Evaluating objectives, especially at the nexus of personal and business

  • Negotiations – always needing creativity and keen insights

  • Due diligence – proper preparation leads to faster, surer closings at higher valuations

  • Closing – relentless focus, holding feet to the fire

  • Post-closing – the next step of a long-term relationship

Public companies engage the Claiborne team to deliver significant value in transactions too small for the company’s lead investment bank when discussions turn to selling a division or business unit.

Access whichever swaths of industry, size, and geography you’ll benefit from by having Claiborne Advisors guiding and representing you. With a single conversation, you can begin the process of discovering how world-class professionals can help you seek out new opportunities and avoid potential pitfalls.

A selection of transactions we’ve helped implement

  • Akakora, Inc.
    Sale of company to industry consolidator
  • Grafalloy, L.P.
    2nd round management buyout, public company investor
  • Hunter Industries, Inc.
    Sale of plumbing division to industry competitor
  • Hunter Manufacturing
    Acquisition of competitor
  • California Healthcare Management, Inc.
    Sale of non-core subsidiary
  • California Healthcare Management, Inc.
    Sale of company to industry consolidator Chart House Enterprises, Inc
  • Mr. Dudley, Inc.
    Sale of family-owned company to industry consolidator
  • Primal Lite, Inc.
    Sale to complementary lawn and garden company.
  • Sandicast
    Sale to industry competitor

  • Titan Corporation
    Sale of non-core asset, Titan Scan, to former managers

  • Titan Corporation
    Sale of non-core asset, Effective Technology Consultants

  • Troxel Company
    Sale of its Troxel West division to a management-led group
Transactions involving securities are processed through Burch & Company, Inc., 4151 N. Mulberry Dr., Suite 235, Kansas City, MO 64116. Member FINRA/SIPC. Burch & Company and Claiborne Advisors are unaffiliated entities.