Claiborne Advisors, Inc.

You get ONE chance to make a great first impression with potential buyers, acquisition targets, and potential investors!

  • Mergers and acquisitions of manufacturing, distribution and service companies demand creativity and a laser-like attention to detail to bring them to fruition

  • Companies in the $5-50 million range deserve Wall Street partner-level attention, skill and patience

  • Founder-owned going through the process the first time require practiced attention to succeed without distraction or leaving value behind on the table

  • Small spinoffs from public companies need the same attention given to them as do major transactions facilitated by bulge-bracket investment bankers

After two decades of representing manufacturing, distribution and service companies throughout the Southwest, the Claiborne Advisors team has learned how critically important it is to focus on your needs, your company, and your industry.

We limit our client base to a handful of firms at a time, providing an unsurpassed level of personalized service — recognizing that the only thing that matters is our ability to deliver to you the best possible outcome as YOU define it.



Whether you’re a private or public company, if you’re looking for M&A representation, growth financing, or just some good old-fashioned advice, Claiborne delivers Wall Street partner-level expertise for transactions that most larger investment firms will assign junior associates to…assuming they’ll even consider working with you.

Benefit from lessons learned and from middle market tribal knowledge gained over the years.

How can we be of service to you?

Disclaimer: In the event that any services provided for our Clients are required by any federal and/or state securities law to be performed by a registered broker-dealer, such as capital raising or M&A transactions involving stock or debt, then such services shall be effected by Burch & Company, Inc (“Burch”), a registered broker/dealer at 4151 N. Mulberry Drive, Suite 235 Kansas City, MO 64116 816-842-4660. In addition to his role as Principal at Claiborne, David Duval is also a Registered Investment Banking Agent of Burch & Company, Inc (“Burch”), and shall continue to manage the Client project and perform all the services for the Client in such event. All non-securities related services will be provided by Claiborne. Claiborne and Burch are not affiliated entities. Member FINRA/SIPC