Advisory Services

Whenever you’re looking to consider a sale or other significant transactions, turn to Claiborne Advisors, Inc. for:

  • Guidance on a transaction’s structure

  • Choosing the right professional advisor on potential tax impacts of a transaction

  • Potential impacts of corporate organizational and governing board issues

  • Preparation, coordination, and execution of due diligence reviews

  • Transaction documentation

Claiborne is recognized as a creative advisor devoted to candor in all things related to M&A, divestiture, and corporate refinancing, and has extensive experience structuring these types of transactions. As your representative, we will leverage our experience to optimize the results as you define them. Whether you’re seeking to acquire a specific company, or to realize a full or partial sale, we will provide a clear set of options to shepherd the transaction from concept to a successful close.

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Some of the firms benefiting from our advisory services have included:

  • American Rim Supply
    Advisory, operational turnaround and financial restructuring
  • CA Botana, Inc.
    Advisory services in purchase of 1/3 partner interest
  • Electronic Funds Transfer Corporation
    Advisory services, recapitalization and sale
  • LaserInk
    Startup advisory services
  • Mellace Family Brands
    Advisory, financing and growth strategies

  • Millie’s Inc.
    Advisory and operational turnaround, sale
  • Optimal Integrated Solutions
    Advisory services, recapitalization, new senior debt
  • SAMBA Holdings, Inc.
    Advisory re: hostile tender offer, general corporate strategy
  • Spectrum Aeronautical
    Advisory, growth strategy, financing by GE Honda Aero
  • Trident Products, Inc.
    Advisory services, growth financing, financial restructuring

Transactions involving securities are processed through Burch & Company, Inc., 4151 N. Mulberry Dr., Suite 235, Kansas City, MO 64116. Member FINRA/SIPC. Burch & Company and Claiborne Advisors are unaffiliated entities.