Services We Provide

Since 2000, Claiborne Advisors has been the financial counselor of choice for businesses under $50 million seeking to:

  • Sell outright

  • Sell a division or significant product line

  • Make an acquisition

  • Enhance their value ahead of a sale or financing transaction

Our team has contributed decades of hands-on experience to a wide range of participants, including:

  • Companies contemplating strategic acquisitions or divestitures

  • Equity investors seeking a position in private or public companies

  • Financial institutions advancing funds

  • Investment bankers

  • M&A intermediaries

  • Management groups seeking to acquire a particular company or division


  • Consumer goods

  • Food

  • Industrial products

  • Packaged goods

  • Scientific equipment

  • Sporting goods

Service firms

  • Distributors

  • Supply chain consultancy

  • Home care service providers

  • Sterilization services